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Military network security appliance
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Military network security appliance

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New generation military network security system, Rugged and fanless design, Intel Sandy Bridge Mobile i3-2340UE, 4 LAN ports, Two PCIe104 and PCI104 bus, Optional WiFi and HSDPA 3G module, 2 channels wide voltage redundant power supply.

Military network security appliance for challenging battlefield environments

Color Blackanodizing
Front panel White interface silk-screen
Construction 430x360x44.5mm
Dimensions (D x W x H) Aluminum casting
Platform Intel Huron River platform, Sandy Bridge Mobile CPU
CPU Intel Sandy Bridge Mobile CPUi3-2340UE (1.30 GHz/3M L2 Cache/ 2C4T)
Chipset Intel Chipset
System memory Onboard 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 memory
One 204pin 1066/1333MHz DDR3 SO-DIMM slot, up to 8GB

SDD Onboard 2GB SATA NANDDriver SSD, up to 64GB
SATA Interface Two standard SATA 7Pin interface, with two SATA HDD power interface
One 7 + 15pin SATA interface, supports Slim Type SATA DOM

LAN Ports Three 10/100/1000Mbps interface, use high performance waterproof anti-vibration aviation connectors
Anti-static and lightning-protection functions

Ethernet controllers Three Intel PCIe GbE W82574L controller
Indicator ETH1, ETH2, ETH3 LAN LED:
Above Link / Active LED: Yellow
Below Speed LED (Dual colors: Green/Yellow): 1000Mbps(Green), 100Mbps (Yellow), 10M(No LED light)

External I/O
COM One RS-232 COM, uses a high performance waterproof anti-vibration aviation connector
Power Button In front panel, uses a springback waterproof switch button
Indicator LED ETH1, ETH2, ETH3 LAN LED:
Above Link / Active LED: Yellow
Below Speed LED (Dual colors: Green/Yellow): 1000Mbps(Green), 100Mbps (Yellow), 10M(No LED light)

Internal I/O
Display One DB-15 VGA port, supports hot plug
USB Six USB2.0 Pin-heard, Two USB2.0 connectors
Keyboard/Mouse One PS/2 keyboard and mouse DIN connector and anti-off connector
COM One RS-232 RJ-45 com and anti-off connector
WDT Software programmable watch dog supports 1~255 system reset
PCIe/PCI Two standard PCIe104 and Two PC104+ bus
Mini PCIe One Mini PCIe slot, for relevant module expanding
External Interface
Smart Card Reader Built in push-type card slot reader
Power supply
Power Type Supports AC and DC two channel power supply single input or both input in the same time
DC Input Supports 9 ~ 36V wide voltage DC input, with max 1760VDC filtering function
AC Input Supports 100 ~ 250V wide voltage AC input, with max 2000VAC filtering function
Mounting Supports rack-mounting
Operate Temperature -40 ~ 80
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85
Operate Humidity 5% ~ 85% non-condensing @ 40
Storage Humidity 5% ~ 95% non-condensing
Waterproof level IP66
Weight 6.5Kg
Ordering informations
Model No.
IEC-514QM-010 1U Rugged Fanless Network Security System, Intel QM67 Chipset, with i3-2340UE CPU, Onboard 2GB DDR3 and 2GB SSD, 3 Intel PCIe GbE, Dual PCIe104 bus, Mini PCIe, Dual Power Input, RoHS

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