2018 year

New appliance with LGA1151 socket embedded motherbaord(H110 chipset), up to 64 GB Ram and 22GbE, IEC-511S/521S are released and mass-production.

2017 year

New upgraded for J1900 network embedded motherbaord : 1U network Appliance, J1900 CPU, 6 or 10 RJ-45 GbE network ports, one SATA and one mSATA interface.

Internal TEST and validation H110 LGA1151 Soked network application motherboard.

2016 year

New released Bay Trail network appliance: Network appliance with Intel 22nm quad-core J1900,DDR3-L,6 Intel Gbe,USB2.0,SATA, Mini PCle,COM,RoHS.

2015 year

Some new-high technology network appliances are in researching...
 January 2015, Desktop appliance upgraded to IEC-511P for SOHO, business and industrial environments. and it has been in bulk-production.
 May 2015,Next genenal network appliance based on Bay Trail and Haswell have been in researching.

2014 year

January 2014, HOll just research, customize and provide industrial network hardware appliance. And stoped to provide all industiral panel pc & LCD monitor & fanless Embedded PC from now on.
 February 2014, Rackmount network appliances x86 platform with C602 chipset(for dual XEON 6200 CPU).
 March 2014, some Optical Bypass LAN cards were in bulk production.

2013 year

February 2013, Rugged military network appliances( QM67 Chipset) were in small bulk-production. For military institution in China.
 April 2013, Holl Technologies Group with two subsidiaries. One is for network appliance hardware platform and IPC the other is One is for wireless storage.
 September 2013,HOll passed and got the certificate of ISO 9001: 2008.

2012 year

March 2012, we moved to the new Holl Building, it is with 5 floors for working, production stocking, and delivery.
 June 2012, H61 network appliances x86 platform were in bulk production.
 July 2012, 10-Gigabit LAN cards IEC-95W2 were in bulk production
 August 2012, Rackmount network appliances x86 platform with C206 chipset were in bulk production.
 Dicember 2012, All exsiting network appliances platform passed and got CE,FCC,RoHS cetificates.

2011 year

February 2011 HOLL imported ERP management system for electronic process
 May 2011 HOLL set up the industrial computer automation Engineering Laboratory
 June 2011 the HOLL successfully R & D and launched Sandy Bridge platform product line
 September 2011 Atom D425/D525 network appliance with ICH8M chipset were in bulk production.

2010 year

March 2010 The others sub-company of HOLL were established in Fuzhou and Xian.
 May 2010 The military grade ipc product department of HOLL was established, and deeply cooperated with the military departement of sea and air.
 August 2010, Atom network appliances ( ICH8M)were in roadmap and research.

2009 year

March 2009 The other sub-company of HOLL was established in Chengdou.
 May 2009 The idea of The Green computer (LPC) was suggested in holl, and the ideal will led tet future of lpc go on.

2008 year

March 2013,HOll passed and got the certificate of ISO 9001: 2000.
 July 2008 HOLL succesfully R & D Intel ATOM and GME965 Motherboard.
 September 2008 The another sub-company of holl was established in shanghai.

2007 year

April 2007 Holl production room and test base was established in Beijing.
 June 2007 Holl IPC products succesfully export to America market.
 July 2007 HOLL increased to new-high in the first five-year, and came in to the development plan of the second five-years.

2006 year

July 2006 Holl cooperated with UnisCom, HASEE, China eclestronics corporation and other large customers.
 July 2006 Holl low power series maiboard was succesfully RD, the mainboard with 3 features: Energy-saving, environmental protection, stability.

2005 year

April 2005 Holl sub-company of Bejing established.
 December 2005 Holl network security platform succeeded into China market.

2004 year

January 2004 HOLL first piece of industry-leading motherboard 845GV R & D successfully.
 March 2004 HOLL motherboard RD center was established in Shenzhen.

2003 year

March 2003 HOLL powerfully produced IPC chassises.
 March 2003 Holl was doing 3C certificate, and got the certificate of 3c(CCC).
 April 2003 The brand of HOLL was registered successfully.

2002 year

July 2002 HOLL company of Shenzhen was established,. And our RD team was grow lager.
 August 2002 Holl began to RD & produce Industrial backplane.
 October 2002 Holl was formally established, and began to RD & produce industrial power supply.


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