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Holl looks for some agent partners for sales and services in 2017

Under some main customer require for agent thing of network applaince, HOll decided develop sevral agents and distributors from our main customers in the below market.


HOll network appliances Trade & Market

Main Markets Total Revenue(%)
Western Europe 20.00%
Mid East 10.00%
Northern Europe 10.00%
South Asia 10.00%
South America 10.00%
North America 8.00%
Eastern Europe 8.00%
Domestic Market 5.00%
Africa 5.00%
Oceania 5.00%
Southeast Asia 3.00%
Central America 2.00%
Eastern Asia 2.00%
Southern Europe 2.00%



Contact us to be a Holl Channel Partner that best matches your business needs and expand the resources.

Agents products: x86 network appliance, hardware barebone platform.


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