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Network application motherboards list

Model NO. Network Motherboard Descriptions
IEC-818N6V-020E Motherboard: IEC-818N6V-020E(D525/6+0:6 GbE network ports,82583V:V3.1 PCB)
IEC-810N2X-010(C206chipset) Motherboard: IEC-810N2X-010(SBC support 32nm LGA1155 and i3 CPU,C206 chipset,DDR3,VGA,2 GbE,4*PCIex16,USB2.0,SATA,CF TypeII,PCB:V1.1)
IEC-810N4SH-010 Motherboard: IEC-810N4SH-010(H61Chipset,4+0,4GbE network ports),PCB 1.11 Version
IEC-810N4SH-020 Motherboard: IEC-810N4SH-020(H61Chipset,4+2,4GbE network ports,1 Channel BYPASS),PCB 1.11 Version
IEC-810N4SC-010 Motherboard: IEC-810N4SC-010(C206Chipset,4+0,4GbE network ports,PCB 1.11 Version£©
IEC-810N4SC-020 Motherboard: IEC-810N4SC-020(C206Chipset,4+2,4GbE network ports,1 Channel BYPASS),PCB 1.11 Version
IEC-810N6SH-030 Motherboard: IEC-810N6SH-030(SBC support Intel Xeon, Core i3/i5/i7 CPU,H61 Chipset,DDR3,6 GbE,2 Pair BYPASS,USB2.0,SATA,CF,COM,RoHS,PCB:V1.0)
IEC-810N6SC-030 Motherboard: IEC-810N6SC-030(SBC support Intel Xeon, Core i3/i5/i7 CPU,C206 Chipset,DDR3,6 GbE,2 Pair BYPASS,USB2.0,SATA,CF,COM,RoHS,PCB:V1.0)
IEC-817N6X-030E Motherboard: IEC-817N6X-030E(Embedded SBC,with Intel Atom D525 CPU,DDR3,6 Intel GbE,USB2.0,SATA,Mini PCIe,PCI,COM,12V DCIN,RoHS,PCB:V1.21)
IEC-817N6X-010E Motherboard: IEC-817N6X-010E(Embedded SBC,with Intel Atom D525 CPU,DDR3,6 Intel GbE,2 Pairs BYPASS,USB2.0,SATA,Mini PCIe,PCI,COM,12V DCIN,RoHS,PCB:V1.21)
IEC-817N4V-ATX-020E Motherboard: IEC-817N4V-ATX-020E(D525/VGA,4 Intel GbE,1 BYPASS,USB2.0,SATA,CFII,Mini PCIe,PCI:V1.11 PCB)
IEC-817N4V-060E Motherboard: IEC-817N4V-060E(D525/4 Intel GbE,USB2.0,SATA,RoHS,PCB:V1.2)
IEC-817N4V-050E Motherboard: IEC-817N4V-050E(Embedded SBC, Intel D525 CPU, VGA, 3(2+1)Intel GbE, USB2.0, SATA, COM, RoHS,PCB:1.2)

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